Pre-Engineered Building

Pre Engineered Buildings Company & Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Pre-Engineered Building

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) are buildings whose main components are “pre-fabricated”   based on the architecture and engineering requirements of the users and which are only installed on site.

Usually, a PEB building is made of following distinctive parts:

·         Primary framing members (columns, beams and rafters)

·         Secondary structural members (roof purlins, eave struts, wall girts and others

·         Roll formed profiled sheeting (roof and wall panels)

PEB structural members are pre-sheared, pre-punched, pre-drilled, pre-welded and pre-formed in the factory before being shipped to the job site for erection. The pre-fabricated components are then fixed and jointed via bolt and nut connections at job site.

Why choose Pre-Engineered Buildings?

·         Cost-effective

·         Quick Fabrication & Installation

·         Large Clear Span

·         Earthquake Friendly

·         Better Salvage Value

·         Can be easily shifted

·         Easily Expandable

Common Applications:

·         Industrial

·         Commercial

·         Institutional

·         Recreational

·         Convention Center

·         Utilities

·         Agriculture

·         Warehouse

·         Cold Storage

·         Hangers