Three Phase Power Distribution Transformer

Three Phase Power Distribution Transformer

Explore optimal power solutions with Sylvan Tech Ltd in Bangladesh. Our three-phase power distribution transformers efficiently transfer electricity, ensuring reliability and seamless operation across primary and auxiliary distribution circuits. Trust STL for advanced technology and transformative power distribution solutions. 


Duty, Type

Outdoor/ indoor

Voltage Class

11, 22, 33 or any specific

No. of Phases

3 Phase


50/ 60 Hz

Vector Group

Dyn5 or Dyn11 or YNyn0 any specific

Insulating Fluid

PCB FREE Mineral Oil, both inhibited &

Uninhibited, as per IEC, ASTM D3487

Class of Insulation

Class A

Tap Changer

Off Circuit or ON load tap changer

Tapping Range

+2.5% to -7.5% @ 2.5% for OCTC/ +2.5% to -7.5%

Winding Material

Copper with multi paper covering

Applicable Standards



Enamel, Epoxy, Polyurethane or customer


H.V. Bushing/ L.V. Bushing

Conservator oil filling hole

Earthing terminals pads

Drain cum bottom filter valve

Top filter valve with sampling plug

Plain oil level gauge

Rating diagram plate

Air release device

Thermometer Pocket

Lifting lugs

Radiators (Detachable Type)

Silica gel breather

First filling of oil

Isolating valves for radiator

Jacking Pads

Dial type OTI with A/T contacts

Buchholz relay with A/T contacts

Marshalling box with control wiring