Three Phase Distribution Transformer

Three Phase Distribution Transformer


  • DS, BS171, IEC 76, ASTM, VDE 0532 Design Standard
  • Three Phase Wound Core/Stack Core type
  • Wound Core and Stack Core, CRGO Silicon Steel
  • Nominal Voltage: HT = 33000/11000 V, Phase to Phase = 415V
  • Class- ONAN Cooling Method
  • Sealed Type Complete with Cover and Gasket Design Tank
  • Light Gray, ANSI Color # 70 Painting

Three-Phase Transformers: Everything You Need to Know

Three-phase electrical transformers use three primary coils, each creating a magnetic field that generates a voltage across a secondary coil. This dance ensures electricity flows smoothly and efficiently across different phases.

Inside the Electrical Three-Phase Transformer's Workshop:

Inside a three-phase transformer's sturdy casing, various parts work together to create the magic. The core, often made of special magnetic materials, concentrates the magnetic power, making energy transfer super-efficient. Then there are primary and secondary coils wrapped around the core – they're like the gears in a clock, making things tick. Insulating materials ensure safety, so this magical show goes on without any hiccups.